Whether a youth in the system, concerned parent or caregiver, or family in need of resources and legal counsel, Diercks Law, P.C. strives to provide efficient and honest legal representation while concurrently focusing on the client and their individualized needs.

Diercks Law, P.C. represents clients across the Denver Metro Area including the following counties: Denver, Arapahoe, Jefferson, Adams, El Paso, Boulder and Douglas.

Diercks Law, P.C. specializes in juvenile law as counsel and Guardian ad Litem in the following areas: dependency and neglect, delinquency, truancy, adoption, direct files and problem solving court regarding human trafficking and substance misuse. Also, Diercks Law, P.C. accepts private and state pay Child and Family Investigation appointments. Additionally, Diercks Law, P.C. is available for mediation, consultation, and resourcing regarding other leg​al areas including notary services.

The juvenile criminal justice system operates according to the premise that youth are fundamentally different than adults, both in terms of the level of responsibility and potential for rehabilitation. The treatment and successful reintegration of youth into society are the primary goals of the juvenile justice system, along with overall public safety.

Juvenile Court is a special court that deals with under-age defendants who violate any federal, state or municipal law, and any child who is abused, neglected or dependent. Juveniles over which it has jurisdiction are generally under the age of 18. The Colorado truancy statute requires youth attend school from the ages of 6-17. Youth are subject to juvenile court jurisdiction at the age of 10.