Ms. IvyAyn Moseley, MCJ brings a wealth of experience to Diercks Law, P.C. She can be directly contacted at [email protected]

IvyAyn Moseley has worked with children, teens and their families for over 15 years. She studied Sociology and Psychology at UNC and graduated summa cum laude from their honors program. She then went on to CU Denver to graduate with a Master’s in Criminal Justice.

She spent 10 years working with at risk teens in a residential setting where she became licensed as a psychotherapist and provided intensive case management services. She facilitated groups, taught evidenced based courses to residents, and assisted in transitional planning. She helped develop effective treatment plans including interventions for behavioral change, educational planning and therapeutic direction.

She then transitioned to working as a social service professional for the Diercks Law firm. Over the past 4 years she has dedicated herself to fiercely advocating for the best interests of her clients as well as providing invaluable consultation. She is particularly skilled in trauma related cases including abuse and neglect, truancy and educationally sensitive topics, and out of control youth. She is also certified as a Child and Family Investigator and is currently listed on the state roster.